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Motley Crue is reportedly making plans for their grand finale.  Frontman Vince Neil tells the "Toronto Sun" that the group is "going to put out some new music next year" and then head out on a "farewell tour." He says they'll "do the world one more time and then call it a day."  He anticipates wrapping up the tour - and Motley Crue - in 2015. 

In explaining why the band is calling it quits Neil simply states that "it's time," and adds that they'd rather "go out on top" instead of "fading away."  But the singer says the end of Motley Crue doesn't mean the end of his own music career, and he'll "continue to sing Motley" and release albums with his solo band.  He adds that he also intends to devote more time to his other businesses, which includes a strip club in Las Vegas and his own line of alcohol. 

Regarding his bandmates' future plans, Neil says bassist Nikki Sixx has his own radio show, while drummer Tommy Lee "wants to be a DJ."  He offers no insights into what guitarist Mick Mars might have planned for his post-Motley life. 

Motley Crue is currently on a Canadian tour.  They'll be performing in Penticton, British Columbia Saturday night. 

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