A British woman had a pretty extreme reaction when her boyfriend cut her out of his life – she cut him out of her arm, slicing off a tattoo of his name and mailing it to him for good measure.

Torz Reynolds felt like she'd taken a knife to her heart when her man, Chopper May, took off with another woman, but rather than mope, she grabbed a blade and gouged into her arm, removing a chunk of skin inked with the words "Chopper's B#&ch." It took her an hour and a half to complete the dissection, after which she took the flesh and put it into a jar, tied it with a bow and sent it to him via registered mail.

Explaining the decision, she said, "Sending the tattoo to Chopper sent a clear message. Now he knows never to mess with me again." In case you're wondering..there are pictires.. click here if you dare.(warning:disturbing images!)