Why Didn't She Just "Lazer" It Off?!

A British woman had a pretty extreme reaction when her boyfriend cut her out of his life – she cut him out of her arm, slicing off a tattoo of his name and mailing it to him for good measure.

Torz Reynolds felt like she'd taken a knife to her heart when her man, Chopper May, took off with another woman, but rather than mope, she grabbed a blade and gouged into her arm, removing a chunk of skin inked with the words "Chopper's B#&ch." It took her an hour and a half to complete the dissection, after which she took the flesh and put it into a jar, tied it with a bow and sent it to him via registered mail.

Explaining the decision, she said, "Sending the tattoo to Chopper sent a clear message. Now he knows never to mess with me again." In case you're wondering..there are pictires.. click here if you dare.(warning:disturbing images!)


I bet you're wondering: Who IS this jackass?! Ever since I was a wee lad, I've always loved GOOD music. I also danced a little bit as a stripper; the money was good, but sometimes I had to dance for men...and they always wear sweatpants.......so I'll try to ride this music thing out. After interning(working for free; kinda like those kids in the sweatshops..) for what seemed to be FOREVER, the Fox finally took pity on me and threw me on the air. What they DIDN'T know is that I've been declared LEGALLY INSANE! Tune in to see when I FINALLY go BERZERK over the air.



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