This Smashing Pumpkins Song Is an Alice in Chains Homage

Billy Corgan has been divulging all sorts of juicy information during his recent Instagram Live Q&A's with fans. Through these sessions, we've found out that the Smashing Pumpkins are planning to reissue Machina/The Machines Of God and Machina II/The Friends & Enemies Of Modern Music as a single box set, and that the band has an affinity for Alice in Chains.

After saying "Absolutely" to a fan that asked if driving four hours to watch the Seattle rockers play at a small venue was worth the trek, a knowledgeable fan asked, "Is it true that ‘Bleeding the Orchid’ pays homage to Alice In Chains?" before adding in parentheses, "Absolutely love the song BTW!" Corgan's response was brief yet affirming. "Yes," he replied simply.

Though the singer/guitarist hasn't been the most talkative during these Q&A sessions, a recent Instagram post indicates he's been enjoying conversing with fans.

"A few have asked about whether or not I'll be continuing the Q + A's now that the North American component of the tour is finished. To that, I'd say the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and as stated a few days back I appreciate the discourse, and most importantly when I posted your statements (albeit anonymously), which formed a beautiful, collective picture of sort of where a like-minded people can share common ground, and where we, together, would like to see some positive shift in our world that's a long time in coming," he began the lengthy post. "Heady stuff, for sure. But in practical reality I feel like I've fallen back to Earth, and this is where normally I'd retreat to focus on new works and whatever healing I need to dust myself off to get back in the game. Yet signs indicate something far different is due, and though I cannot share the particulars at this time, maybe instead of barreling forward this moment of respite should also stand for careful consideration of a change that's a long time in wait."

"To be clear, I am talking about spiritual change and not necessarily a literal one," he continued. "For the band is good, spirits are high, and we continue to find the balance that's needed to continue. So no, I'm talking about a fundamental shift in philosophy that can only occur when you've climbed up out of the muck and you have your wits about you. Could be the Moon, but perhaps it's time for a different kind of time. For I, and the band by extension, have tried every other iteration of ambition, dissolution, conquering and failure. So if it's victory you are after, and you don't have it squarely in hand, what gets it to you like some trophy?A forever and ever thing, I'm thinking. And something man cannot steal back..."

Though his message doesn't seem to answer his own question about whether or not the Q&A's will continue, his prose, as usual, is thoughtful, introspective and intriguing. Check out his post below.

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