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The cost of a 4th of July BBQ

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the cost of a 4th of July BBQ for 10 is $55.70. Here is how they get to that number...

I guess that would be a decent BBQ for people with bland taste buds. In my personal opinion, this is CRAZY wrong! 

I might have some hot dogs, but I'm also getting brats (cost goes up). 

Should be enough burgers for ten people, but American cheese is out. Maybe cheddar or pepper jack (cost goes up). And does no one put lettuce, onion, tomato, or pickles on their burgers (cost goes up)? Come on!

And while I like ribs, they can be a pain. I'd pass on that for a pork shoulder and go pulled pork style (cost goes up). Then, of course, you're going to need BBQ sauce (not sure why they don't have that with the ribs in their example) (cost goes up).

I'm fine with the potato salad and the beans, but we'll need more than just corn chips. Add in some regular potato chips (cost goes up).

Now for drinks. Yes to the lemonade, but I would also have tea and a soft drink of some type. No to the chocolate milk. It's the middle of a hot summer day. If Anchorman taught us anything, it's that milk is a bad choice on a day like that. Even if you made the BBQ BYOB, guess what? The cost goes up.

Sure, you can underwhelm people for $5.57 a person, but who wants that? I don't know the exact numbers on my version, but I know it will be more than $5.57. I think it would be worth it though to have a better quality of food. But then I'm a chubby guy and that's how I rate anywhere I go.

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